Complete Photography Guide for Store Products

Complete Photography Guide for Store Products

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Today, with the increasing expansion of advertising, online businesses and online shopping for the general public, the need for companies to provide specific and popular advertising has doubled. One of the few options that helps manufacturers is the photography of store products, which is sometimes heard with names such as industrial store photography.

This field of photography has received a lot of attention from companies in recent years and has shown good returns from buyers.

Certainly manufacturing companies need to think about other important factors in addition to the focus they place on production in order to improve their performance day by day. One of the most basic needs of this type of company is to pay attention to photography training of store products; By doing this, they are able to provide attractive images of new products and lead customers to buy these products.

Proper equipment is your most important tool

Cutting is definitely one of the most important needs of every photographer, his professional and complete facilities; When a photographer wants to capture advertising images, he must use the most accurate and best equipment possible so as not to lose the smallest detail in the subject. Therefore, the existence of professional tools in the photography of products has been and is extremely important, so that they can not be easily ignored and their potential effects denied.
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Secrets of photographing store products

Have you heard that everything has its own potter's foot ?! This proverb is really true; It is true that every photographer has a special skill and uses it in every moment, but few people are convinced that this skill can be easily shared with others and it usually remains a secret.

As you know, product photography, like food photography, usually includes features such as: a white and opaque background to show the subject well to the viewer; In addition, there are points in product photography that need to be considered so that the image that is captured from them has all the features of an effective and promotional photo. The points that we will describe in this section are directly related to the equipment that we introduced in the previous section.

The main factors that challenge photographers are:

Unique lighting

Undoubtedly, the importance of light and lighting in any type of photography can not be described. You can not take a good photo in two cases; One in a dark, lightless space and the other in places full of natural or unnatural light. As we have said before about virtual tour photography, these two factors are very influential. Despite these interpretations, when a photographer wants to introduce a new product to the viewer, the light he uses in his photo is very strong. It must be accurate and flawless so that the audience can correctly identify and understand all the details of the subject. Artificial lights in photography studios usually shine on the subject from three different directions to reflect its features from any angle.
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camera angle

The second basic point in taking an industrial photo is to pay attention to the right angle. Just as our eyes see objects from different angles, so do photographs have the power to give the viewer the same experience.

Usually the best view for a store product is from the front and straight angle. Photographers use variable tripods in a variety of dimensions to create a straight angle to adjust the height of the camera lens with the subject, resulting in the best angle for photography. Sometimes objects become objects that have a certain geometric shape and it is better to adjust their angle so that they have the best effect; For example, wall clocks or TV antennas are some of those products.
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Subject cleanliness

Surely no viewer is willing to buy a product that has dust on it or local dirt. Therefore, one of the tasks of the store product photography team is to take care of the cleanliness of the subject; To do this, they use special gloves to clean the subject from any fingerprints and dirt and then place it on the photo table; Sometimes even temporary gloss sprays are used to make the products more visible, which is one of the tricks of industrial photography.
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Final editing

Once all the initial steps have been completed and the photographer has succeeded in capturing the image of the product, only one vital factor remains to be considered. The final edit, after the photo is finished, makes the photo look better and adds to the appeal of its visual identity. The various software available for editing make it possible for photographers to make up for any shortcomings in the photo and to impress the audience with the new product. Adding attractive visual effects, adjusting lighting, creating shadows and deepening the product are some of the most obvious results of photo editing.
So far, you are familiar with many golden tips in photography of store products that explain the nature of this work to you well; In addition to all the above, there are many things that we can mention, for example, some of them. Usually, photographers in this field put the format of all the photos on RAW so that they can capture even the smallest details and not lose them. It goes without saying that different lenses offer the photographer different abilities, each of which is very unique and essential.
Undoubtedly, it will not be possible to teach or present such a subject in a simple article, and for this purpose, many training classes have been prepared to make those interested more dependent on this fascinating process.

Numerous subjects are examined in photography that have different weight, color, height, sex and nature, so those who work in this field should be able to show the difference between the subjects to the viewer and show the best photos.

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