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Our Retoucher’s and Photoshop artists represent some of the very best and most experienced in the industry. Having spent a lifetime working in many of the top retouching houses from around the world these artists have now spread their wings to offer their services directly to clients like yourself, looking to work on exciting new projects. The added benefit of commissioning one of our retoucher’s / photoshop artists is the competitive rates they can offer whilst having the ability to buddy up with specialist 3d modellers who can assist with creating parts of the image that cannot be sourced from stock imagery or photographed.
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In our studio you will keep up with the latest technology and will be given access to exceptional lighting equipment.

Using specialized photographic equipment, digital flat lights, different filters, select decoupages and the artistic experience and technical knowledge of young, creative artists gives you flawless photographs that can help you achieve your business objective more easily.

Alternatively when you are working primarily with a CGI artist from Illustration Agent to create a product or item that doesn’t exist and you need to add an additional level of polish we can buddy up one of our retoucher’s of Photoshop artists with the CG / 3d artist to help finesse the final render where the CG render is just a bit too perfect and we need to bring back in a bit more of a photographic feel.
We have the ability to work with more complex creative briefs than many other retouching houses where our Photoshop artists and retoucher’s are equipped to take on extremely challenging projects, supported by a versatile team of 3d and traditional artists and styles that they can incorporate into your project, we also work with a number of high profile experienced photographers which can also be commissioned through illustration Agent at a competitive rate.

We describe our team as digital Photoshop artists as not just retoucher’s as they don’t just retouch imperfections out of photographs but they are often employed to make more extensive works by montaging multiple stock or pre shot photographic images together with a myriad of other graphical elements to make a master composition, offering a wider range of expertise working across wide selection of mixed medias.

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