The Importance of Attractive Ideas for Creative Advertising

The Importance of Attractive Ideas for Creative Advertising

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Over time, the overall form of propaganda in the world changed dramatically. Today, more than two-thirds of the world's population has access to the Internet, and this has created the necessary and sufficient platform to use less traditional and physical methods and most people to turn to modern and modern methods of advertising.

However, finding an idea for advertising is like drinking water and requires only a simple flip.

The development of Western societies has enabled them to take advantage of sufficient facilities to have extensive and attractive publicity in order to increase sales and productivity. This is already happening in non-industrial and underdeveloped societies, and many emerging phenomena are flourishing every day.

Sample creative ads

Have you ever wondered what the world needs? Or how can I add a new element to this world? Certainly every idea that we see and enjoy today in cyberspace, has put hours of thought and effort in our being that we do not know about and we only see the appearance of the work. In this section, we want to talk about some examples of creative advertising ideas, which are:
Creative Advertising

Pattern Violation

The human brain interprets a pattern in a completely natural way, and if there are no defects, it creates a sense of satisfaction in us. Many designers use this feature of the mind and take the opposite step, so-called reverse engineering.

In this method, by showing an example of a violation in the pattern, the viewer's mind is fascinated by the design and tries to interpret this defect and understand why it exists. In fact, it easily steals your eyes and catches your attention to understand the message of the ad.

Use of visual acuity

Surely you have encountered many problems so far that at first glance, two or more different elements are visible at the same time; Such advertisements are known as the idea of ​​visual acuity, and just like the previous example, they use the inability of the human brain and vision to distract the audience and make the advertisements recorded in the memories and easier to remember.
Creative Advertising

Inspiring objects

Sometimes companies that sell junk and small items use this creative advertising idea to persuade customers. By taking pictures with the product element, they capture an image that looks like their product is alive and looking directly at you. This idea can easily get everyone's attention, because no one would expect a product to be watching him!


Another type of creative advertising is to use timely and accurate comparisons. For example, in food advertising photography, an image can be displayed that, with the art of cooking, can turn food raw materials into a delicious and pleasant food. This method causes the viewers to witness a fundamental change and to create a change in themselves, they are fascinated by advertising and consider it necessary. This technique can also be used on.
Creative Advertising
It is enough for a designer to be skilled enough to create this feeling in the viewer, in which case the customer will try that food once, even for the sake of lust. We suggest that in order to be able to get the right advertising photography idea, pay more attention to other advertisements in this field to find a more open mind in this regard.

Exaggeration in product capability: This is also used as an idea for shop advertising; Most face-to-face or online sellers try to exaggerate the ability of the product. This makes the buyer decide to buy the product out of emotion and may not even need it.

In fact, if a company can attract the attention of its audience with the slightest exaggeration, it will be very successful. Of course, do not forget that exaggeration is very different from lying, and using this method must be done wisely so as not to be mistaken for a lie.

Explanation is a sign of weakness: the most obvious feature of an idea for advertising is that it is understandable; Rest assured that you will regret trying to explain the capabilities of the product to others. Creative advertising should be done in such a way that everything is fully understood and seen. So stop describing and just show your audience what you have in your bag.
Challenge the famous symbol: The creative human mind can constantly conceive of new patterns. If you can use the well-known symbols to your advantage and change it, you can say that your idea is completely new and flawless. This idea is also widely used for online advertising, and many new ads today come from this method.

Play the role of a comedian ‌: If the ad has the ability to make the audience laugh or even put a smile on their face, it will be easily engraved in the mind. There are many designers who use humorous details to promote a variety of products and services and experience very high efficiency.

As we mentioned, the idea of ​​creative advertising should be very different from ordinary work. It should also be noted that there are always and everywhere things that can be used to bring new ideas to the field.
Creative Advertising

The starting and ending point of a creative idea…

Never forget that the most successful ads in the world, which are now visible to everyone, were once just a simple idea; The only thing that makes an "idea" come true is the effort to put it into practice. If you keep the best ideas in mind, you will never succeed; Thus, the starting point of an idea is when it is etched in the mind of the designer and comes to an end, and the ending point comes when it is implemented and presents a new achievement to the world.

Play the role of a comedian ‌: If the right ad has the ability to make the audience laugh or even make a smile on their face, it will be easily engraved in the mind. There are many designers who use humorous details to promote a variety of products and services and experience very high efficiency.

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