What Is Copywriting and What Does a Copywriter Do?

What Is Copywriting and What Does a Copywriter Do?

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A professional copywriter, according to his knowledge of advertising, psychology and the audience, puts words together and combines them with images and elements that have the greatest impact on the viewer.
Copywriting is actually a written advertisement, an advertisement that uses alchemical sentences to create a commercial work of art from a combination of images and words.

Which penetrates deep into the audience's mind and awakens their dormant emotions; Its magic is the same short and effective sentences.

These words may evoke the feeling of need for a product or product or remind of a wish that has long been forgotten by the audience. Such as long-distance travel, which can now come true with the least cost or in installments.

The difference between copywriting and content production

Copywriting is different from content production; a professional content production is part of a professional copywriting program; Content creators absorb leads; These clues are potential viewers or customers, who, while searching the Internet, come across an old wish or a wish, a spark in them, they become curious, enter the page and read it. .

Professional content creators write content so that the viewer gets the answers to their questions, the content creator penetrates deep into the mind and heart of the customer, or pays attention to his feelings and needs, removes ambiguities, and answers his questions correctly and logically. Gives his time on this site or social network is not wasted; But the dissemination of consciousness alone can not sell, this is the beginning of the story.

The site is designed to sell something like information, a product or a service, Copywriting tells how all the ads should be put together to increase sales.

All brands are anonymous at birth, and when placed next to adults, they have a very difficult task in attracting the customer. This is where a basic advertising campaign comes into play; In this campaign, the logo, product benefits and advertising slogan must remain in the minds of the audience.

‌ When a product is searched, many sites usually appear in front of the customer and the site that is at the top of the list has a better chance of being seen. A good landing page with unique content can prevent other sites from being seen; But when the goods are placed on a store site, a list appears that is full of competitors' products.

Benefits of Professional Copywriting

In a professional copywriter, it is the job of the copywriter to create a slogan that is relevant to the consumer, based on his knowledge of the customer and his needs, from the science of advertising and marketing.

The copywriter knows he must put a simple advertising sentence that clearly and honestly shouts the product advantage next to the logo. He knows very well that if he does not succeed in creating a proper slogan, he will not be effective in this magic with advertising. He wants a sentence that shines in every member of the advertising campaign, no matter if it is on a billboard or in a banner or on Internet sites. . Who remembers the slogan "beautiful, spacious and safe"?

‌ We must accept; If the customer has read the article on the site or social networks, the whole text will not remain in his mind; But he has a mind ready to keep the synopsis in his mind, and this is where keywords or product advertising slogans come into play.

The role of creativity in copywriting

The market can not be conquered with just one advertising slogan; Banners, billboards and stands, advertising catalogs, etc. are all members of an advertising campaign that must move in an authoritative and creative direction, just by repeating a sentence can not get anywhere. You have to have the right strategy and plan; A complete and accurate advertising program that a professional copywriter adorns with words.

کامل In a complete advertising campaign, each advertising element such as the lines of a poem are put together and sometimes even become a book of a thousand and one nights, with the help of all print, environmental, digital and internet advertising elements to tell the whole story of a brand. Customers narrate and this is an art.

The miracle of commercial art is that all the sentences in all the advertisements, while being independent and shouting the benefits of a product, are also complementary. It is not possible to write duplicate sentences on all the images of the campaign. Creativity is always attractive.
When a refrigerator is advertised; Billboards usually depict a refrigerator with the door open and all the colorful food arranged in an order that shows how much food is in the drawers; But this is not enough; This image is advertised in most refrigerators; In this case, we can refer to the number of drawers or the dimensions of the refrigerator and drawers, or even the total weight of the food that will be placed in the refrigerator, or what action has been devised in the freezer to prevent the frozen packages from breaking. This information will surprise the viewer and stay in his mind. Remember the first narrative is usually a more enduring narrative.

Closed-door refrigerators can be seen on the stands; But just seeing the refrigerator in one color can not show the beauty to perfection, in professional copywriting, they know that it is the combination of colors and atmosphere that affects every sentence, an advertising sentence like refrigerator X is beautiful in any decoration, complete the ad he does.

Posters are also part of the campaign that are as effective when placed on web pages as they are when printed. The passage of time in the posters by changing the elements around the refrigerator that have worn out over time or the people next to it have become older; But the refrigerator still works and is healthy, the reference to the material of the refrigerator and its longevity along with the warranty and after-sales service in a promotional sentence completes this section.

Order promotional sentences and advertising slogans

The choice is the result of running a complete and correct advertising program. At Khaneh Photo Studio and Design, we try our best to give the right advice or even make corrections in this area so that the advertising campaigns that are implemented are perfect.

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