What is Interactive Video and How to Use it in Your Strategy

What is Interactive Video and How to Use it in Your Strategy

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Interactive video is one of the latest technologies in digital media in which the audience, depending on the type of video, has more choice in promoting video according to their interests and tastes. In a period when the attention span of people is very low and the need for a very high attractiveness in the content produced to stay in the mind of the person, interactive video plays a significant role.

Two very special cases attracted public attention to this new technology. The teaser of the movie Alien: Covenant was that the creators used a technique that was called the spectator at the end of the teaser. The film made fundamental decisions and changed the overall course of the story.

Types of interactive video and its capabilities

Interactive video has many uses, of which we mention 3 types here

1. Educational application
In this type of video, the user is able to choose how to watch the video. There are options on the screen that while watching the video, you can try the training items with various tools such as option selection, drawing shapes and typing, and make sure that it is correct, and even at the end, measure your learning in an exam. It is also a noteworthy feature to examine a subject from different angles. In this type of training, the amount of time wasted is greatly reduced and the amount of learning is significantly increased.

2. Choice of narration
In this category of interactive videos, the user can choose how the story goes. And each choice affects the whole narrative path. These types of videos are used in advertising for branding, social messaging, and entertainment (such as serials and music videos) and .... Also, by filling out short questionnaires, the finalized personalized result can be seen.

3. Notification and quick access
The third type of interactive videos are mostly used in direct marketing (for example, clicking on the product in the video and directly viewing the profile page and buying the product) or in introductory videos (viewing a space and seeing more visual, audio, geographical information on the clicked point). . In addition, many other uses are possible in this subcategory.


Benefits of interactive video

  • This type of video is currently very popular among users and most reputable brands in the world have shown great interest in it.
  • In interactive videos, the possibility of collecting data has become much easier. The possibility of examining the choices and interests of users as well as receiving information such as their age, gender and place of residence helps to define a very accurate statistical community and by analyzing them, the work policies of a collection and the type of products and how to present it according to customer needs. Changed.
  • Research has shown that audiences spend 41% more time watching interactive videos, and in the second type (narrative selection), they upload the video several times to get different results from the beginning.
  • The conversion rate of interactive videos is very impressive. The average 1% purchase of a service or product through traditional videos is 11% in interactive videos.
  • Emotions of users are more aroused in interactive videos (such as receiving more attention, sense of intimacy and power of choice), which is one of the key points in branding.
  • According to statistics, an interactive video is 32% more memorable than a traditional video.
  • The possibility of personalizing the final result of a video is very attractive for today's user. For example, in one of the interactive promotional videos of Philips for the razor, 1296 different modes were possible.
Interactive video, although it has not been long since it entered the advertising market, has quickly found its place among industry and business owners. With the rapid growth of technology, many capabilities will be added to it and naturally its uses will also increase.

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