Advertising Character Design and its Importance in Advertising

Advertising Character Design and its Importance in Advertising

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Advertising character design has become so important in recent years that we see large galleries around the world being held every day to introduce these advertising characters to the audience. A commercial advertising personality can register itself in the mind of the audience for years, provided that additional creativity has been used to create this personality.

In this article, we want to provide you with up-to-date information about advertising character design and share interesting facts about this design element in branding.

What is a promotional character?

A commercial ad character is a character that each brand or collection can have uniquely to introduce themselves. We have seen many examples of these advertising elements in Iran and around the world. From the character of the Cheetah brand monkey to the furry bear of Iran Radiator for us Iranians, and the simple advertising characters of M&M to the bitten apple of Apple are all examples of this special and unique advertising element.

To design these promotional characters, you can be inspired by any kind of character or even an imaginary object. But in order to be able to design it more effectively, you have to observe important points.

In the first step, the type of brand or collection structure must be considered. For example, a football player can not be a good option for advertising a kitchenware company. In addition, the design for the advertising character must be unique. If these two criteria are not followed in the design of advertising personality, it may have undesirable results.
Advertising Character Design

Advertising character design

Advertising personality design, also known as mascot, is an extremely effective way of advertising and marketing. You can have all the goals you need and are looking for branding in advertising in the form of a proper advertising design. The design of this character should be unique to each industry and collection. Unlike other designs, such as logo design or catalog design, there is no general structure or magic formula in advertising character design. But with some tricks, you can figure out a special design.
Advertising Character Design

The importance of advertising characters

Today, the field of advertising is moving towards conceptualization. The pioneers of this industry are trying to design brands that, instead of giving a lot of visual information to the viewer, make him think and stay in his mind with a minimal and simple structure for a longer period of time. In the long run, the advertising character can register the brand in the minds of the people and reconstruct it in the minds of the audience with a simple change each time.

Advantages of advertising character in branding

Suppose you have a unique promotional character for your brand! What are the benefits to your collection?

  • The advertising personality has all the necessary information to introduce your company, and despite that, you do not even need to enter your brand name.
  • It is not possible to copy the advertising character.
  • The mood of the advertising personality can change in each season or occasion. In winter with a leather coat and in summer with sunglasses riding a motorcycle!
  • These capabilities make it necessary to have an advertising personality for each brand.

Inspiration for advertising character design

You can use real human personality as inspiration to design your brand advertising personality. An example of this type of design can be seen in the KFC brand advertising personality. This logo is designed from the personality of the founder of this brand, and after years, everyone sees it and immediately mentions the name of this brand.
Note: You must be a little careful in using human personality to design advertising characters. Because one wrong choice may lead you astray. Of course, instead of a real human being, you can also use an imaginary human being created by the designer's mind.

But a popular example of designing an advertising character is the use of animal characters. Most of these characters are engraved in the mind of the audience in such a way that even seeing the real example of that animal reminds one of a collection or a brand. For example, among the foreign examples, we can mention the advertising personality of Lacoste clothing brand.
Advertising Character Design

To be inspired by animals, you have to make up stories in advance

An even attractive cartoon character alone can not be a good option. For example, the idea of ​​the bear of Iran Radiator brand is related to the warmth of its skin.

You too can be inspired by animals that are related to your brand for such a design. For example, the dairy brand's advertising character is a happy cow every day. Other examples of these characters can be seen in sports competitions, the World Cup or the Olympics.
Advertising Character Design

Inspired to design the advertising character of objects

Objects can also inspire the design of advertising characters. An example of this design is the Apple logo. The logo of this brand, despite its great simplicity, has been designed so creatively that it has no substitute and is in fact the advertising character of this brand.

You can use human emotions to design an advertising character.
Emotions such as kindness, toughness, firmness, punctuality and high accuracy, thinking, intimacy and the like can also inspire the design of an advertising personality. For example, in designing a promotional personality for a brand offering mining exams, you can add punctuation and high accuracy to this personality. Or for a car company, you can get help from the character of a fast animal, but each brand, depending on the type of business it has, can use its unique personality to design its advertising character.

Marketing and branding have also made great strides alongside the advancement of technology and the Internet. Using new methods in advertising can be a trump card for you, thus gaining more market share in your competition. However, the use of advertising characters is not new in the world.

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