Digital Catalogue Design and its Importance in Advertising

Digital Catalogue Design and its Importance in Advertising

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Catalogs are the main component of advertising and branding strategy. The purpose of providing a catalog is to introduce the products or services of a brand to the audience.
In fact, catalogs allow the audience to get acquainted with a variety of products and offers.

The traditional method of advertising or physical catalogs (printed and paper) still has many fans because of their tangibility. However, digital catalog design has become a popular way today and various companies and brands use them to introduce their products and services.

It can be said that almost everything that is considered in the structure and design of a printed catalog is also considered a priority in the design of a digital catalog (image quality, page structure, size and fonts, etc.).

But an important advantage of digital catalogs is their channels and platforms. In fact, by publishing digital catalogs on different channels, websites and advertising campaigns, a larger audience can be used.

Why do you need to design a digital catalogue?

1- By designing a digital catalog, you can eliminate geographical borders
A good digital catalog can play an important role in promoting your business. By reading and viewing the catalog, contacts can review your products and services and have a better chance of getting information.

In order to increase the effectiveness of your catalog, it is better to think about the needs of your potential customers. These customers may be from any geographical area. Naturally, if you want to use a paper catalog, you may face space constraints.

The biggest advantage of a digital catalog is that people can access it from work, home, on the go and anywhere just by having the internet.

2- Digital catalog design and the possibility of easier distribution and sharing
Many products and businesses become known through the offer of former customers to new people. The importance of word of mouth in advertising strategies is undeniable. Digital catalogs have a high shareability and therefore can easily increase the number of new customers.

By designing an online catalog and linking to it via email, social media, etc., businesses can introduce their business to many audiences.

3- The possibility of using different videos, photos and media in designing digital catalogs
The nature of the paper catalog is such that it can use only two tools, text and image. Although text and photos are very important, companies can use more features such as video and audio files in designing digital catalogs. Such features will only be available in a digital catalog.

In fact, businesses can use a variety of tools by designing digital catalogs. For example, a YouTube video can be easily placed in such a catalog, and by combining these different tools, it can have a greater impact on the customer.

4- Ability to create links between catalogs and online stores
In addition to the ability to use video and audio files, you can link to online stores and your site in your digital catalog. By designing a digital catalog, if a customer is interested in a product, he can easily click on it to go to the desired page and buy the product.

Another issue that makes digital catalogs superior is that paper catalogs usually have limited space. This means that companies can not provide much explanation about the product. But in the digital catalog, you can link to another separate page for more information.

5- Digital catalog can be updated
Once you print your company catalog, it is no longer possible to make changes unless you wait until the next edition. Of course, the advantage of this immutability is that it can act as a valid and stable reference for the company. But the point is, sometimes a series of changes occur in the company. For example, the price of products and services changes, a new color is added, or the number of products produced may decrease.

But with digital catalog design, these kinds of changes can be made easily. In this method, you no longer have to wait for the next edition or print a new series of catalogs at a higher cost.

6- Reducing printing and distribution costs with digital catalog design
Each series of paper catalog printing costs money. These costs can include the cost of distribution and distribution, shipping and printing. By designing a digital catalog, you can take a big step in eliminating such costs. For example, companies can send just one copy instead of sending a large number of paper catalogs, and refer customers to the digital version for more examples.

7- Know the key information of your customers by designing a digital catalog
Having more information from potential and actual customers can be the key to the success of an advertising campaign. By designing a digital catalog, companies can see how long each visitor has visited each page and how many times they have referred to the catalog. Also, be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their work and be able to change parts of their advertising strategy.

8. The digital catalog should play a complementary role to the printed catalog
Of course, a digital catalog alone cannot replace a printed catalog. Digital catalogs are not tangible, and this has a significant visual impact on the customer.

The purpose of designing a digital catalog is to optimize advertising, eliminate additional costs, as well as reduce paper consumption and protect the environment. Using existing technology and the Internet, you can connect with your customers from anywhere in the world and introduce your products and services to them.

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