Conceptual Photography & Concepts of Concept Photography

Conceptual Photography & Concepts of Concept Photography

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The term concept photography was first coined in the 1960s, when it first addressed subjects beyond landscape, architecture, and portrait photography, with the primary purpose of conveying concepts, ideas, symbols, and themes through images.

This style of photography, which is one of the most complex modern photography styles, has its own fans in the world today. In today's world, photographers create and transmit concepts such as love, separation, loneliness, the passing of life, etc. through this style of photography. One of the main features of this style is the design of the stage by artists in order to convey abstract concepts.

Concepts of concept photography

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your concept photography:

Note the background.
As a professional photographer, you can use the background to complement or highlight the meaning you want to convey. Wallpapers like the wall give a new meaning to the photo.

Use objects in nature as a symbol.
Each region has its own objects and nature, for example, the nature of northern and southern Iran are very different, which you as a photographer can use both natures to show specific concepts. Use different objects and your own ideas to create beautiful photos. Interesting ideas that you can use to create beautiful concept photos are hand photography.
Conceptual Photography
Use water to create dramatic photos.
Usually water in photographs represents abstract concepts. You can use beautiful ideas to create beautiful and interesting dramatic photos, such as beach photography (do it in the golden hours of the day), photography of the underwater world, or photography on rainy and dark days, or reflecting an image in the water. .

Get ideas from your childhood dreams to create nostalgic concept photography.
Many photographers use their childhood dreams to create beautiful and engaging concept photos. You can use photo editing techniques and techniques to create concept photos and thus create attractive and beautiful photos.

As a concept photographer, you can express your opinion about time through your photos.
Different people have different opinions about the concept of time, and you as a photographer can show your concept of time in the photos you take.

Use pieces of glass to create surreal concept photos.
Reflection is very useful for creating concept photos. You can use pieces of glass to create special visual effects in portrait photos. You can also use water, mirrors and other objects to show reflection in your photos.

You can use portrait photography to express the concept and meaning of loneliness.
As a professional photographer, you can take pictures of yourself and show new meanings of solitude without using words. Also, you can use objects such as mirrors, water, benches, large colored walls, etc.
Pay more attention to the concepts of the outside world.
It does not matter if you have just entered the field of photography or have been working in this field for many years, you can travel to the outside world with your camera. Definitely, when you look at landscapes and outdoor space with a new perspective, you will also come up with new and interesting ideas for abstract and conceptual photography.

Use photography tricks to create mysterious photos.
You have probably seen some fascinating mysterious pictures that express a special concept. As a creative photographer, you can use the idea of ​​creating mysterious photos to show concept photography in your work. To do this, you can use photo editing tricks such as brushes and image editing.

Use complex life concepts in your photos.
We have all experienced critical moments in our lives such as choosing a field of study, choosing a job, unemployment, failing in financial and love matters, feeling lonely, feeling defeated and separated, feeling sad and hopeless, and so on. These experiences give us good ideas for concept photography.
Conceptual Photography
Conceptual photography techniques.
Use clothes to create surreal concept photos.
You can use special clothes such as an astronaut, a hairdresser, local clothes, etc. to create new and attractive abstract and conceptual ideas. For example, by taking a photo with an astronaut hat, you can show concepts such as loneliness, enjoying solitude, and so on.

Use birds as a symbol of freedom and creativity.
The bird is a symbol of freedom, creativity, hope, and the human spirit. You can use this symbol to display the meaning and concept you want. To do this, you can use real birds or objects that are part of the German bird (necklace, ring, box, etc.) to create attractive and conceptual photos.

Do not forget the children.
Children are a symbol of beauty and innocence and can be used to express desires, motivations, thoughts, ambitions and hopes. You can use baby models to capture fantasy photos and interesting concepts.

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