Cosmetic Advertising Photography

Cosmetic Advertising Photography

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Have you ever wondered what made cosmetics so popular and popular ?! Undoubtedly, cosmetic advertising photography is one of the factors that has helped to grow and expand in this field.
The question that arises is how is the advertising photography of cosmetics different from other advertisements? What points should be observed when photographing and what problems are necessary to prevent?
As the name implies, this is a design that lacks three-dimensional images and is created as a flat and flat design is called flat design, which is used in various parts of the design and has a remarkable beauty.
Of course, this profession also has hard and simple principles and rules that by observing all of them and putting together a set of determining factors, many audiences will be fascinated by the desired product and subject. In this article, we intend to review the tips of cosmetic advertising photography and provide you with comprehensive information to become more familiar with this fascinating profession.
Cosmetics Photography

How to photograph advertising cosmetics products Step by Step

As with aerial photography, makeup is an important first step in cosmetic photography; Highly varied products typically leave the photographer free to maneuver further, giving him the power to capture attractive and varied images with different layouts. Do not forget that cosmetics, because they contain many colors and materials, also require a good arrangement.

For example, putting together a variety of accessories in different situations and recording an attractive frame of them, will acquaint the customer with the high diversity of a brand, and this will certainly play an important role in convincing the audience. So learning how to put equipment together somehow completes half the work of photography and is extremely important.

Step Two | The main points of cosmetic advertising photography

One of the challenges that makes the minds of photographers try to capture the advertising image of cosmetics is how and with what tricks they can convey the material of a product in the form of a photo to the audience. This challenge is also common in fashion and clothing photography. To do this, they use different photographic methods and tricks, which we will describe in the following.

In fact, some photographers place white cloth or paper in the background to show the cosmetics and experiment with the ingredients creatively. After this, the subject they tested on the background is placed next to the fabric and their image is recorded.

Another method of cosmetic advertising photography is that photographers try the desired product as a complete set or sometimes individually on the face of a subject and photograph directly from the actual result; This allows customers to see the result of makeup naturally on the subject's skin and then decide to buy it.
Cosmetics Photography

Step Three | The Impact of Editing on Cosmetic Advertising Photography

Continuing to explain the secrets and codes of cosmetic advertising photography as well as cosmetic advertising photography tips, it should be said that no photography is willing to have a weakness in its advertising photos, and sometimes to cover these shortcomings, photo editing is the best option for the photographer. . To cover up the shortcomings of lighting, many effects are used by photographers to increase the contrast of the image and ultimately make it more attractive.

Sometimes the image of the subject is recorded in several different situations and then with various edits and effects, all the images are grouped in one frame; This method is one of the most professional tasks that requires special creativity and in principle, amateur photographers will not be able to perform it.
Cosmetic Photography

Step Four | Attention to detail

In the continuation of the topic of how to photograph advertising cosmetics, it should be said that some cosmetics should be fully and partially in the view of the audience in order to get acquainted with the elegance, color and material. In general, cosmetic advertising photography, such as virtual tour photography, requires a lot of attention and accuracy, and photographers in this profession, before capturing images, observe the subject well and identify its strengths and weaknesses so that they can identify them. They look their best in the photo.

In addition to the above, there are other factors that, if ignored, will not have the desired results; For example, when a photo is taken of several cosmetics, the brand name should also be clearly visible so that the audience knows which company the product in the photo belongs to, so that they can refer to other products of that company if needed.
The points you are familiar with so far are considered by all professional photographers as the most comprehensive factors possible and significantly increase the quality of their photographs; But do not forget that cosmetic advertising photography tips are not limited to a few general factors, and each photographer takes a specific way to present their photos as a unique signature.
Cosmetic Photography
Cosmetic advertising photography has many big and small points, another of which is to pay attention to the correct lighting when arranging products. To observe this issue, they use different types of projectors or tables equipped with partial lights to shine light on the subject from different directions and display its details in full. The lighting should be adjusted in such a way that the color of the product does not lose its effect and its attractiveness is not diminished. Observing all these points brings a complete set that will easily fascinate the eyes of any viewer.

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